Protocolo de Voxc

Voxc is a virtual platform where users shorten content on various topics. In order to later earn money with the visits they get in order to keep all the advertising information in the cleanest, most orderly and neat way possible, several rules (protocol) have been created which must be respected by all the participants of the site.

The protocol is transcribed below:


  • Links containing are removed:
  • Links to pages of violent material.
  • Links of pages related to RACISM, XENOFOBIA, PEDOFILIA. 
  • Links to other shorteners.
  • Links to morbid material such as corpses, vomiting, rapes, etc.
  • Links to related content or click on "advocacy of crime" (drugs, violence, crime). Violence is a crime.
  • Links to non-illegal or false draws.
  • Links to material that Voxc management finds inappropriate.

Of the users:

  • Users who will be temporarily or permanently suspended:
  • Shorten content that refers to pedophilia."It will also proceed to investigate and report legally"
  • Shorten content that references violent, illegal and / or dangerous activities.
  • Shorten content that refers to / or apology for a serious crime (kill, steal, corrupt or harm other people).
  • Shorten content that refers to racism and / or hate. (Any racist insult, even if it is "common" in its domain.)

  • Use more than one personal account regardless of their purpose.
  • Users are modified or sanctioned:
  • With 2 accounts one reference from another.
  • Using vpn, bots, proxies, "your visits must be 100% real"

RACISM, XENOPHOBIA, PEDOPHILIA, VIOLENCE = DO NOT GO WITH Voxc, if you find material of this type please do not hesitate to report it